A statement from a Joint Session of the Collegiums of the Minister of Defense and Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces

Security challenges induced by tax introduction and formation of paramilitary forces in Kosovo and Metohija call for the Serbian Armed Forces close monitoring of any developments that may cause anxiety among the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, once again reminding KFOR and the international community as a whole that they are primarily responsible for peace and security of all who live in Kosovo and Metohija.

The Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces estimate that the material position of our members has been enhanced and they thank the Supreme Commander for his persistent and dedicated efforts for further improving the material position of all members of the Armed Forces and the Ministry, as well as on the intensified modernization and strengthening of the Serbian Armed Forces.

The Serbian Armed Forces inform everyone, in the country and abroad, that it does not and will not be the means of toppling the legal and legitimate government of the Republic of Serbia and forceful destruction of the constitutional order. The Serbian Armed Forces, as the provider of peace and stability, will not allow any attempts at a coup and warns that anyone who announces and demands it should be held responsible according to the law. The Serbian Armed Forces are capable and ready to fulfill every order of its Supreme Commander and to preserve peace and stability of our country and our people.