"It's no coincidence that the number of patients in the Balkans is growing in Serbia"

Director of the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, Danica Grujicic, said that COVID-19, although a respiratory infection, affects entire organism.

She said in the show Focus on B92 television that without state health care, we would not be able to fight the coronavirus.

"Regardless of the growing number of positive cases, there are a lot of those who have no symptoms. What we don't know is who has the viruses in their throat and nose and can infect 100 people, and who doesn't," she said.

According to Grujicic, the whole organism responds to the infection and it shatters the entire body, where the whole organism participates in the disease.

As she said, out of 1.000 patients, only seven had antibodies, so it is clear that as a society we do not have immunity to COVID-19.

"Some people really survived the breakdown of the organism. It is not easy to cope with that mentally," Grujicic said.

Grujicic urged oncology patients to schedule their appointments for therapies, so that there would be no waiting and delays.

"My request to those who come once a year or once every six months - please don't come now in this swing," she appealed to the people, adding that people must take care of health workers.

If someone has a temperature or is positive to COVID-19, they must be redirected from the oncology department, she said, because it was not possible to wait for them to infect the entire department.

"We only admitted people to the hospital who live far away. I am alluding to family members from Obrenovac, Mladenovac, Surcin, if there is a possibility that someone will bring you and take you, please do so, you should not be there 24 hours a day because of half an hour of therapy," Grujicic said.

"So please use all preventive measures - wear masks, don't hesitate to put them on. You don't know who is passing by you, who was in transportation," she said.

When asked how many people die of cancer in Serbia every year, Grujicic said that she thinks that 30.000 people die from malignant diseases.

"When I stated that we will all become cancer patients, just to live long enough, I still think so," she concluded.

Grujicic pointed out to the consequences of NATO bombing for malignant diseases in Serbia, as well as the coronavirus.

"I am convinced that it is not a coincidence that the number of patients in the entire Balkans is growing solely in Serbia and Montenegro. I am convinced that it is due to the bombing," she said.

She said that 25 children are currently being treated in Serbia for malignant diseases at the Institute of Radiology, and that this is direct consequence of the bombing.

"We are in favor of scientific research on that. Who is afraid of a scientific study, comprehensive from Subotica to Prizren, about what happened in 1999," she asked.

Grujicic stated that it can be seen that tumors are becoming more aggressive, that they are attacking more and more young people, and that they are becoming more and more unpredictable.

"I absolutely advocate that it must be on a scientific basis, but it cannot be done if the state is not behind it," she said.

As she stated, she advocates that the Ministry of Health and Environment become one institution.

"You may not like Vucic, but he is an institution. I think we need to respect the state. We are in an emergency situation, because we have a large number of infected people and we have to take care of that number of infected people. Wear those masks and I am convinced that we will finish everything in August, "she said.

As she said, those who work in COVID hospitals should be rewarded, meaning that she does not think that people are losing trust in doctors.

"The profession is listened to. You can see that the whole world behaves in such a way that decisions are made day by day," Grujicic said, adding that you learn something new every day.

Oznake: B92, Dr Danica Grujičić