Goldhagenization of Serbia through Nemanja

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. In the last couple of years, Serbia has become politically closer to the state of Israel, which is one of the greatest achievements of the Vučić administration. Meanwhile, it took steps to confront anti-Semitism in Serbia, which is by no means the same as Serbian anti-Semitism, and set out to regulate feasible reparations.

At the same time, Serbia embarked on a legitimate battle to reintroduce Jasenovac into history and the cultural memory, from which it was erased by the autocratic Titoist government for the sake of enforced brotherhood and unity. Obliteration of Jasenovac (Huge concentration camp set up by Ustaše -Croatian Nazi regime during WW2 ere then of thousands of Serbs, Roma and Jews were killed.-JM note) was continued by many "contextualizers" of Srebrenica genocide and the forerunners of cancel culture, who would wish to instantly eliminate all those who did not concede that the genocide had taken place from public life. Pushing it into historical amnesia was defended by the position that mentioning Jasenovac together with Srebrenica is in fact "justifying one crime with another", and certainly there were attempts to do that, and also deviating from the topic of the nature of crime, culpability and responsibility for Srebrenica.

That is why it is very important who and how will return Jasenovac back into history and collective knowledge. Those who sit in a studio under the chyron "Is Petrinja shaking as a God's punishment for crimes against Serbs?", while the unfortunate Serbs sleep under tents because someone profited from the dodgy construction of their returnee houses, are a bad choice. The authors of Dodik's theatrical plays on bridges, which peddle spirituality as they push us to be monozygotic for the sake of superiority of national over the individual, are a bad choice. Very bad choice indeed. There is still time to go back from that shortcut in a direction of science, justice, coherence, democracy, patriotism, and the 21st century. That "spirituality" is just a new age bullshit bingo BTW, but if it gratifies without endangering others, then it’s fine. But any more than that, nope. Various Bokans are legitimized by "contextualizers of the deconstruction intervention in decontaminating culture of the commemoration of memory" and self-proclaimed experts on Vučić's sexual dysfunction. How controversial than was the guy who erected the Statue of Liberty or conceived, realized or supported the carving of those figures on Mount Rushmore. Oh, wait….

Deliberately bypassing key historical events in understanding the present and fighting for a better future is counterproductive on many levels.

Just as it is counterproductive, but also dangerous, to casually assign previous historical roles to new actors in a new context or attribute common psychological characteristics to entire nations. In the mid-1990s, Daniel Goldhagen stirred up the Western world with the book Hitler's Willing Executioners, or to be precise in 1996, as it’s not irrelevant. In it, Goldhagen misused the study of the Holocaust to prove the preconceived thesis that the Germans (and others) had been subjects and objects of anti-Semitism with intention of extermination for such a long time that, when the opportunity arose under Hitler, they willingly and jointly executed Jews or kept loudly silent about it. In short, due to "such intense centuries-long exposure to anti-Semitism in Germany," in terms of social evolution, it became a part of the German collective DNA. It is similar to the Japanese and, yes, you guessed it, Milošević's Serbs, who, just like the Japanese and the Germans, fought "imperial wars" and conquered new territories. I kid you not.

Because of individuals like Branko Todorović from Bijeljina (Late head of the Republika Srpska BH entity Helsinki Committee for Human Rights-JM note), Republika Srpska cannot be called a "genocidal creation", although its military-political leadership is directly responsible for the undeniable genocide in Srebrenica. And it's undeniable because the competent court said so.

According to Goldhagen and his followers in Serbian autocratic newly founded NGOs, Serbia in the 1990s became a group of inherently poisoned beings who either committed slaughter or supported Milošević's criminal policies. As a mini "photo robot" of Hitler's Germany in the thirties and forties, all of us in Serbia should be punished and re-educated in a multiethnic and multiconfessional environment, because the differences between individuals, their religion or ethnicity are abolished once you get goldhagenized. Atomic bombs were tested in the process of re-educating Japan, and in 1999 new computer technologies of guided missiles were used for that same purpose during the NATO bombing. And what of collateral damage? Bosniaks in Serbia were under UN sanctions too, and they were bombed as well. And this is me saying it, and I advocate Serbia's membership in NATO.

Unfortunately, there are certain individuals in Serbia who wholeheartedly "helped" Goldhagen in proving his preconceived thesis about collective genocidal nature, and they were not those evil women from the NGO sector. They are up there in The Hague. Or on TV Happy and all around. At the same time, Dr. Grujičić (See numerous Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies reports and statements about her role in spreading systemic disinfo about NATO, WHO, vacines…-JM note) has already ruled that the NATO bombing was ecocide and genocide with criminal intent. The verdict is already there, all it takes is for scientists and commissioned doctorates to prove it "with mathematical precision". Effects of Chernobyl are to be disregarded, of course.

The famous 3D - denazification, demilitarization, and for the life of me I can’t remember the third D, already showed the full extent of its harmful effect during Zoran Đinđić’s administration, and had he not been assassinated, I would also add its comical effect. As a methodology, it should have been abolished on the night of 5 October 2000. Now in 2021, it is like watching 3D movies without special glasses. That approach is not only pathetic but dangerous, because it contributes to leading our society astray from the proper path, which may be slow, winding, and with occasional U-turns, but still follows the right course of inclusive centrism. Deviating from it would once again take us back to hell in a handbasket.

Biden will not return to the old policies for many reasons. He has in his party Sanders, Warren, but also one spooky Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOK) and Co, who wants everything and wants it now, and how that will be paid for is an ephemeral question that lower, socially unaware beings should handle. That is why he had to choose between the oil pipeline and various "first this and first that" in the Congress. And he surely did not call Trudeau first out of love and for the sake of the North American-European reunion, but because of the Keystone oil pipeline that he canceled because of AOK and Co. And what about the lost jobs? We will decode Trump's supporters and solve the matter that way. Yeah, right.

But unlike the United States, where wokeism and all that cretinism of identity politics have a wing in the political party, here and across the region the war against Serbia 2021, based on the wrong Goldhagen premise, continues from much more comfortable Zoom social positions, without any political election legitimacy, by bad copies of those who rightly demanded that all war criminals of the 1990s be identified, their ethnically based crimes exposed for what they are, and for them to be delivered to The Hague. Because not every crime is the same. And this happened at the time when the individuals who had to be extradited, were presidents of the state and the heads of the General Staff, and the new government did not control even 30% of the institutions.

Those pioneers paid a hefty price of social stigma, intimidation, and more. It’s a pity that they ruined that part of their legacy by goldhagenization of Serbs and fondness for those whose nationalism, tradition creation and search for the national identity they considered perfectly “Mirdita” and fine, while on the other hand, Vučić’s was not. And because "let’s not talk about their crimes, let's turn to the future, to the economy…” And because of the four municipalities in North Kosovo and the failure to recognize the dysfunctionality of BiH, which does not always have something to do with Dodik and generally bad Serbs, as Izetbegović said the other day. Goldhagenism 101.

We did not rebel against the mainstreaming of the "model of two Germanys", and now we have the "killing fields" in Srebrenica, because whoever hasn't heard of Srebrenica, has heard of Pol Pot. Branding by association. I spent January 6 in a state of paranoia, just waiting for the evidence that showed that rioters in the Congress were led by someone who was "radicalized" by Karadžić and Mladić over the Internet. On the other hand, glorifying Ratko Mladić is not a solution either, especially after we extradited him.

If we accepted that every crime is the same, that Mladić only went a bit too far, that they were “only prisoners of war” (Hello, Geneva conventions-JM note), Jasenovac would be just another battlefield of the Second World War. We would not observe the memory of the Holocaust. The 2,000 Serbs scattered in individual graves across Kosovo would not have the right to have the nature of the crimes committed against them be known, and their killers be named, and to have at least some of them be punished for it, 20 years later. Just like those Serbs who survived have a duty to know that 10,000 Kosovo Albanian civilians were killed during the war in Kosovo. But the KLA's "balanced regional" killing and burying is a convenient excuse for "commemorators of the crime of interventionism in public space" and followers of the "Australian queer school" to avoid telling Haradinaj and Co to kneel in 2,000 places, as he violates the law on Dečani -Serbian Orthodox monastery in Kosovo for the hundredth time or erects a monument to Bill Clinton. What are Haradinaj and Co compensating with that monument, BTW?

And as much as I was against this regime paying for the monument to Zoran Đindjić, it is perfectly logical to me that it should erect a monument to Nemanja. What’s more, I believe it is sorely needed. It is not true that it does not matter where we come from, but where we are going to. In physics, it's called initial conditions and they very much determine the course of a function that describes a natural phenomenon. We need that to know what the mistakes were in order to correct them, and to inherit and democratize good practices, expanding the circle of those who become equal. This is what I have been saying to the citizens of Serbia and NATO, pissing against the wind for twenty years. The approach "let’s forget the past and turn to the future" is wrong, both in principle and in particular. Why have we decided to move from transitional justice to the green agenda (ecological, though…), when it's finally the time for someone somewhere to be punished for killing a Serb, for the issue of Kosovo to be resolved, and for Serbia’s environmental problems be tackled?

And all of you, supporters of the "Australian queer school" and "cancel culture" who discovered on Peščanik portal that Nemanja kept Roma as slaves, and that Vesić first needed to humanize Džej in order to bury him in Alley of Distinguished Citizens, the next time you go to Washington, walk past the Lincoln Memorial. It will be there. (for more about this case see the #MsMilic scenario article. -JM note) California fools will not remove him from history and the public because he tortured Indians, which he actually did. How did the Indians treat women, gays, transgender people, beats me. Were they ideal? Lesser of the two evils is a legitimate principle, but it must be applied very carefully. When all is said and done, Lincoln is LINCOLN. No hero is ideal. Martin Luther King knew this much better than hipsters in campers who "break down" social inequalities and rampaging capitalism by writing on Apple and sipping pumpkin-flavored lattes at Starbucks, wearing jackets embroidered by little Uyghur hands.

Sanders, Trump and Vučić understand the needs of a barista who works without a permanent contract in that Starbucks better than the mentioned "activist", although the barista is often the activist himself. In postmodernism, just as in the first industrial revolution, individual identity is easily lost and it can turn evil. Or it can turn into peaceful nationalism and populism that can be translated into patriotism, which is not the last refuge of scoundrels (please inform Kosovo history revisionists when the nationalism was created, because, apparently, its amoebas, Croats, Greater Serbia nationalism, colonial-imperial Goldhagen period). Or it can turn into tribalism and delusion that diversity can be an identity, without the slightest common denominator.

Well, if Nemanja is that common denominator that can bring together all the citizens of Serbia, because back then we all ate with silver forks (or we didn't, but because of class, not ethnicity), which means we were the first to know how to protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses transferred by dirty hands, so be it.

It doesn't matter that an Arab investor banned the cross and put up a sword. It would be worse if he wielded a particularly recognizable Arab-Muslim combat instrument and a religious symbol. The sword is inclusive, it was also wielded by Muslims, Bosniaks, Orthodox, Catholics, Serbs, Albanians, Hungarians and Croats, and all who live here used it once… And even Joan of Arc wielded a sword, for a good measure.

Its symbolic power can also be useful, as long as money is sent to Republika Srpska, and not military support. Nemanja is one in a series of steps towards kneeling in Batajnica, and only the followers of the Australian queer school do not understand that. Participants in the recent debate "Building National Pride", funded by German money, are actually undermining that step towards Batajnica (Here is the text on RFE, which has not yet heard of the Daily Wire, but surely will note) They do this by rubbing our nose with Batajnica, in the same way that Mladić's followers rub the nose with Jasenovac and Turkish oppression, that one day or week of the year when one rightly talks and learns about Srebrenica. This is done with German left-wing money, of the branch that found a way to wash clean its collective conscience the Goldhagen way and test historic role-play experiments by deriding Serbia in 2021, while in Bavaria they are putting crosses back up in public schools. Even Biden took the oath on the Catholic Bible.

And as far as aesthetics are concerned, that blue sky and stars look so much like a blue carpet and plastic stars that glow in the dark glued to the bottom of the upper bunk bed, so to me Nemanja is the most beautiful thing in the world. Because beauty is in…

PS. If I were Vučić, I would immediately put a mask on Nemanja's face. Respect for the rules - the new smallest common denominator for everyone in Serbia.