Don’t get high…

...on your own supply, says an old American proverb. Serbian proverb says - the wife did not scold her husband for gambling, but for making up excuses.

The other day, while justifying taking justice and media decontamination arbitrarily into his own hands, and affirming his moral heights by banging his walking stick on the floor, Nenad Čanak stated that the Milošević regime was National Socialist.

I don't know whether the haters of Dara from Jasenovac (I didn't watch!) paid him something, but if I were in their place, I would hire him right away. Oh, wait!

The Milosevic regime was criminal. But, I don't remember that in Germany at that time they had Nasa borba daily, the Helsinki Committee, ethno-music concert tours, turbo folk. I have not read anywhere that the Jews in National Socialist Germany have driven out 250,000 Roma or Germans from the other side of the Reich. Nope. Nor that the Jews oppressed in National Socialist Germany at the same time committed joint criminal acts in the neighboring countries.

The Milosevic regime was a fairly logical consequence of an autocratic one-party regime with totalitarian tendencies of "identity deconstruction and intervention in the identity space" in which the party commanded the army, without democratic control or separation of powers. The late Vojin Dimitrijevic pointed out to all the "normality" of horror in Iraq, which the dumb Americans were unable to foresee, when all the suppressed anger and dissatisfaction that was never healed or rectifies came pouring out as a consequence of lifting the lid of Saddam's autocracy before the expected democratization started ".

In the name of the fight against fascism, various groups have been burning private property on the American West Coast for a year and a half, and sometimes even shops owned by African-Americans during the Black Lives Matter protests. They physically harass those who do not participate. When they break into state buildings it is considered legitimate, but when it is done by QAnon and rich Tramp supporters then it’s a call for a coup d’état.

The goal justifies the means, and my goal is always better than anyone else's, because fascism is the ultimate evil, and a little circumvention of the rule of law and going guerilla is OK. Then fascism can be seen everywhere, and any violence in a country that has a Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU (I don't remember what was the occasion when the street name signs were smashed) is justified by anti-fascism. When I cooperate with Sreten Lukić, that is OK, when others cooperate with Sreten Lukić, that is the Greater Serbia hegemony and the political background of Djindjić's murder.

When you use fascism to pay for smashing the signs, the next banknote is Djindjic's murder for beating with a stick. "My niece was in danger in a bar." We all have nieces. There are those of us who are still fighting against Dr. Vojislav Šešelj in the courts. It’s not a matter of four years of litigation anymore. At that point, your public survival brings the litigation into question. Eventually, the banknote comes with a zillion zeros - mainstreaming of Šešelj and whining in Avaz.

And no, Kosovo is not de facto independent since ‘99, as Čanak also stated. That rhetoric is part of the same Goldhagen matrix, sadly paid a pittance nowadays. The matrix that, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, and after all it's own multiethnic and identity reshaping for the sake of creating Tito's world (but Latinka Perovic was progressive), fusses about four municipalities in northern Kosovo and suggests to the Biden administration to continue with a policy of conditionality that considerably contributed to 13 March. Here is Mostar as an example for that.

Oh wait! Fighting all over against non-existent fascism in Serbia in 2021, violating the rule of law, and mainstreaming Vojislav Šešelj in order to pay his personal debts, Čanak went so far as to claim that Milosevic's regime was National Socialist. It suits certain circles, there are buyers for such goods. Like those who describe Srebrenica as genocide, but never Jasenovac. Is he just being selfish and reckless, or a willing participant in Goldhagen's execution of history and modern Serbia?