South Stream project threatens to bring down Bulgarian government

EurActiv, 5.6.2014.


A junior coalition partner in the Bulgarian cabinet has called for early elections today (5 June), after publicly opposing the government's policy to continue construction of the Russian-backed South Stream gas pipeline project, despite European Commission warnings that it infringes EU rules.


Unpublished comment of Jelena Milić on the significance of the “Russian Aggression Prevention Act 2014”

Unpublished comment of Jelena Milić on the significance of the “Russian Aggression Prevention Act 2014”, proposed by the US Congress, for the newspaper Informer, 3.6.2014.

Jelena Milic nova

Question of the Informer journalist: The proposed Russian Aggression Prevention Act 2014 in the US Congress states in paragraph 304 that the American President should encourage military cooperation with key countries that are not members of NATO, and therefore also with countries in our region, including Serbia and Kosovo, as well as the signing of new security arrangements with these countries”. If this bill is adopted, will this present Serbia’s approximation to NATO and how significant would this be for us? Do you expect Serbia to be “forced” at some point to enter NATO on its path of European integration, as a condition for joining the EU?


Serbia: is the freedom of the press endangered?

LSE, 2.6.2014.


The devastating floods that hit the Balkans recently have put authorities under great pressure throughout the region. There are concerns, recently voiced by the OSCE, that the Serbian government has not responded to criticism with openness and transparency, instead trying to hush down voices of disapproval. Milica Popović goes through the suspected cases of censorship.


Cenzura u Srbiji

Peščanik, 4.6.2014.


„Bila su to najbolja i najgora vremena…”. Ova dikensovska slika zgodno opisuje podeljena mišljenja o postupcima srbijanske vlade tokom katastrofalnih poplava koje su pogodile Srbiju proteklih nedelja. Neki bi rekli – pretežno sama vlada i većina tradicionalnih medija – da se ponela profesionalno i s dostojanstvom, dok drugi ističu da je pokazala potpuni diletantizam i uglavnom improvizovala u vanrednoj situaciji, istovremeno ugrožavajući slobodu medija.