Ne lomite principe

Centar evroatlantske studije iz Beograda (CEAS) objavio je svoj novi izveštaj Ne lomite principe o odnosima Beograda i Prištine i putu ka održivoj formalizaciji odnosa.


Novo CEAS istraživanje “Srbija i novi horizonti - Javnost o bezbednosnim izazovima, NATO, Americi, Kosovu i regionalnoj saradnji”

Centar za evroatlantske studije (CEAS) iz Beograda predstavlja sveobuhvatne rezultate istraživanja “Srbija i novi horizonti - Javnost o bezbednosnim izazovima, NATO, Americi, Kosovu i regionalnoj saradnji” koje je CEAS naručio od Centra za slobodne izbore i demokratiju (CESID) sprovedenog početkom novembra 2019. godine na reprezentativnom uzorku od 1.000 punoletnih građana Srbije kompjuterski potpomognutim telefonskim anketiranjem (CATI).



Jelena Milic’s, director of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies, Belgrade, Serbia case study

The case study suggests several principles for U.S. and other experts reporting on the Western Balkans in the second decade of the 21st century, and in particular on Serbia Kosovo relations and possible outlook of an agreement on formalization of relations  based on her  assessment of October 2019 report "Five Principles for U.S. Special Envoy to Guide Peace Talks Between Kosovo and Serbia" by  Luke Coffey and Daniel Kochis. In the mentioned report the authors, among other things, invite Amb. Richard Grenell  the new U.S. envoy for Belgrade –Pristina peace talks, to be patient with Kosovo’s progress and to keep eyes wide open when dealing with Serbia. 

CEAS Correction:

In the first version of the document posted on our website, Bulgaria was mistakenly noted as an EU member state which did not recognize Kosovo’s independence.

During the editing process of the text omission occurred and one half sentence was missing in the first version of the document (at the page six).

Current version of the PDF document, attached below is the one with corrected text. CEAS apologizes for these oversights.


What a Difference a Year Makes - Comparative reading and analysis of the April 2018 and August 2019 draft versions of the National Security and Defense Strategies

In the new Report, What a Difference a Year Makes, the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies from Belgrade (CEAS) presents a comparative analysis of the draft versions of the new National Security Strategy (NSS) and National Defense Strategy (NDS), which the government of the Republic of Serbia approved on 8th August 2019 and passed on to the National Assembly for consideration, in versions that had undergone public discussion back in the spring of 2018. Bearing in mind all the significant changes of circumstances on global, regional and local level that have happened since spring 2018 on one hand, and some significant nuances in the  new versions of Serbian strategic documents endorsed in late summer 2019 on the other, CEAS calls this report – What a Difference a Day Makes - a tribute to its songwriters in Spanish and English, and especially to Dinah Washington and her legendary album What a diff”rence a day makes!


Promoting Democratic Values Among Youth – University Debates 2018/2019- Key Findings of the Survey

In 2018/2019, MESA10 from Bratislava, Slovakia and Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) from Belgrade, Serbia jointly implemented sixth round of Student University debates, a project supported by National Endowment for democracy from USA. We continued to work with two Universities from Serbia (the University of Belgrade and University of Novi Sad) and two from Slovakia (Comenius University of Bratislava and Matej Bel University of Banska Bystrica) as partners for the project. The project expanded to include a University from: Bosnia and Herzegovina (International University of Sarajevo), from Montenegro (University of Montenegro) and from Moldova (Academy of Economic Studies of Chisinau).