A Global Strategy for the European Union

Shared Vision, Common Action: A stronger Europe

A Global Strategy for the European Union's Foreign and Security Policy

June 2016

The EU Global Strategy sets out the EU's core interests and principles for engaging in the world. It explains what the EU stands for and hopes to achieve in the world. A strategy will give the Union a collective sense of direction. We need to act united on the world stage to keep citizens safe, preserve our interests and uphold our values.

The strategic environment of the EU has changed dramatically over the past years. Challenges to our security today need a response that combines aspects of internal and external policies. The strategy will help us to be more effective in tackling challenges such as energy security, migration, climate change, terrorism and hybrid warfare. We need to stand together internally on security and defence and take responsibility in our surrounding regions to promote resilience and to address conflicts and crises.

None of our countries has the strength nor the resources to address the threats and seize the opportunities of our time alone. As a Union of almost half a billion citizens, our potential to contribute to peace and security in our region and in the whole world is unparalleled. The EU Global Strategy will guide us in our daily work towards a Union that truly meets its citizens’ needs, hopes and aspirations. To ensure that a wide range  of views are included, the EU Global Strategy builds on input from numerous eventscomments and analysis.