GLOBSEC NATO Adaptation Initiative Final Report Available to the Wider Public

GLOBSEC is delighted to present the Final Report and Recommendations of the GLOBSEC NATO Adaptation Initiative (GNAI). It provides the detailed recommendations of the GNAI Steering Committee and is the culmination of 15 months of vigorous and detailed policy analysis. The Initiative is also the biggest project of its kind following the 2016 Warsaw NATO Summit and comes against the backdrop of the 50th anniversary of the ground-breaking Harmel Report.Led by General (Retd.) John R. Allen (former Commander of ISAF Afghanistan), the GNAI Steering Committee is made up of renowned experts from academic, military and political circles, namely:

Ambassador Alexander Vershbow (former Deputy Secretary General of NATO)Professor Dr. Julian Lindley-French (Vice President of the Atlantic Treaty Association)Admiral (Retd.) Giampaolo di Paola (former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee)General (Retd.) Wolf Langheld (formed Commander of NATO Allied Joint Force)Ambassador Tomáš Valášek (Director of Carnegie Europe)

The Committee advocates concrete recommendations with regards to:

increasing the level of NATO military ambition – concentrating on all NATO’s non-nuclear conventional forces, including cyber and emerging technologiesbuilding NATO’s counter-terrorism capabilities, striking a new balanced engagement with Russia, reassuring Eastern European nations seeking freedom and democracy that  NATO retains an interest in their stability and securitydeveloping a mutually beneficial partnership with the European Union and facilitating closer practical cooperation on matters of shared concern, while establishing more efficient financial burden-sharing on both sides of the Atlantic

We at GLOBSEC hope our findings and recommendations provide the Alliance with ample food for thought in the build up to next year’s NATO Brussels Summit. This is particularly true of our suggestion that NATO leaders commission a strategy review to be completed ahead of the seventieth anniversary Summit in 2019, which will, in turn, be embodied in a new Strategic Concept. The need for a NATO that is fully capable of dealing with today’s increasingly unpredictable security landscape has never been greater.To this end, we have been greatly encouraged by the level of press attention that the GNAI Final Report has already received. Since its recent launch in Brussels, the Initiative´s findings and recommendations have been receiving high-level media attention across the Atlantic, including coverage from renowned media outlets, such as PoliticoEURACTIV and Newsweek.  We are also determined to ensure that the Final Report continues to make waves throughout the transatlantic security community.The Initiative has relied in large part on research and writing conducted by members of the Steering Committee, experts, and scholars. The following papers preceded the publication of the Final Report:

  1. Steering Committee Scoping Paper. NATO in a Changing Strategic Environment: The Questions NATO Adaptation Must Address, by the Steering Committee
  2. The Political Adaptation of the Alliance, by Alexander Vershbow
  3. The Military Adaptation of the Alliance, by Karl-Heinz Kamp and Wolf Langheld
  4. Comprehensive NATO, by Stefano Stefanini and John Allen
  5. Integrated Deterrence: NATO’s ‘First Reset’ Strategy, by Paul Cornish
  6. Ten Messages for Affording and Equipping the Adapted Alliance, by Giampaolo di Paola and Julian Lindley-French
  7. Reanimating NATO's Warfighting Mind-set: Eight Steps to Increase the Alliance’s Political-Military Agility, by Ian J. Brzezinski and Tomas Valasek
  8. NATO Procurement and Modernisation: Towards an Innovative Alliance with Much More Deployable Combat Capability, by Michael O’Hanlon
  9. Future War NATO? From Hybrid War to Hyper War via Cyber War, by General (Ret.d) John Allen, General (Ret.d) Philip M. Breedlove, Professor Dr Julian Lindley-French, & Admiral (Ret.d) George Zambellas
  10. Interim Report. One Alliance? Change Drivers in a New Strategic Environment, by the Steering Committee

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